Teaching positions in China

China places great emphasis on education. So what better place is there to either launch your career or further develop it than teaching? And there are many different types of places to work.


You can expect to teach children aged 2 to 6.  English teachers usually work on weekdays, 8am to 4pm. They will enjoy weeks of winter and summer holidays.  There are usually Chinese teachers available on hand to provide assistance. A curriculum is usually provided, although songs and some other activities may need to be added. Classes range from 15 to 30 learners per class.

Training Centers

Most foreigners tend to teach at training centres, which offer courses to all age groups, from children to adults, when they are not at school or work. There for your days will be free and you’ll work on weekends and early evenings.  The curriculum is usually set by the institution minimizing preparation. This is great for new graduates and those that want to study Chinese or explore the city during the day.

International Schools

Branches of international schools, as well as Chinese schools offering international style education are now everywhere in China.  Such schools offer an international curriculum, such as the International baccalaureate (IB) program.  For licensed teachers, this is a good place to gain international experience, but it is also competitive to get into since they usually require 2 years of teaching experience. 


Positions at universities are prestigious but salaries here range from very low to very high, depending whether it is a public university or internationally-affiliated institution.  A Master’s degree is usually a requirement; in some cases a Ph.D is needed. Holidays at universities are long and you can expect to have 10-18 teaching hours per week.